History Of Free Christian

In July 1986 twenty people (eight children), with nothing more but a vision and a promise from God, began a new church.
The first worship service of the Free Christian Church was in a garage.  It was complete with a lawn mower in the corner and bicycles hanging from the wall.  The seating was B.Y.O.L.C. (bring your own lawn chair).  The pulpit was an old music stand, scratched and a little crooked from overuse.  The music was familiar choruses and hymns sung to piano music ‘piped’ in over a home-made intercom.  The offering was taken in a small wicker basket conveniently placed on the workbench.  A playpen was set up for the infants, and there was even a junior church (in the family room of course.)Since those days God has blessed our fellowship with numerous exciting ministries, we now have a 20,000 sq. ft. worship facility, including a 450 seat sanctuary, daily and weekly programs for our church family and much more… and we still believe that God has greater things in store!

On Easter Sunday 2015 we moved into our current sanctuary.  With a seating capacity of over 900 we are looking forward to the many things that God has in store for us!  The addition of 8 Sunday school rooms has allowed us to expand our adult classes as well as our youth classrooms.  It is truly amazing what God has done!